Sunday, May 11, 2008

Touching base....

It is the time of the year again when things get extremely busy. I am off to Austria in a few days for our annual I AM University Wesak Celebration. So I will return to this blog soon again! Maybe post some nice pictures too.

Have a blessed Wesak season!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Are copyright laws applicable to spiritual information?

A few days ago, someone sent me a weblink to a spiritual group located in Europe which contained some very interesting information to say the least. Almost the entire site was plaguerised! The mission statement, vision and many other information were identical to that of I AM University. The only thing that was different was the name of their organization!

This sort of criminal act is really not anything new in spiritual circles. For some strange reason, spiritual people seem to think that if the information is spiritual, channeled, or inspired from Spirit, earthly laws do not apply. Where do they think earthly laws come from? It is not only illegal, it is karmically wrong to take other people's materials (spiritual or not) and make it your own. Is it wrong to go into someone's house and take their Angelic statues, Holy pictures and prayer book and make it your own?

This just goes to show how imbalanced, un-integrated and ungrounded spiritual people can become when they are too heavenly focused and do not have a clue on how to live in this world. In order to serve and change the world, one must live in this world and master it through positive and legal means. No one is above the law, just as no one is above the Laws of karma.

All materials that has ever been created by anyone is governed by copyright laws, whether they are political, education, business, banking, economics, creative, science, nature or spiritual materials. Who is to say that the politician did not channel the information? Who is to say that the scientist did not channel the information? If this principle is applied, then spiritual people must think twice before plageurising other people's spiritual 'channeled', 'inspired' materials.

If you would like more information on copyright laws, just google!

Credit must be given where credit is due. This is a good lesson for all.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Sign the Petition!

"In light of the dangers facing humanity from climate change and environmental degradation - and to ensure a future of plenty and peace, I pledge my:

* action in reducing or eliminating the animal elements of my diet - major greenhouse gas emitters;
* support for all possible governmental policies that reduce or eliminate the inherently wasteful and cruel global livestock industry;
* support for reforestation/afforestation programs and the release of previously grazed land to such protected rehabilitation;
* and my support for the economic compensation of those whose livelihoods are adversely affected by these necessary changes.

I make this pledge in full knowledge of the challenge of change. However I make it with determination and enthusiasm for this transformation, for I love my planet and its people and wish a healthy and peaceful future for all. Count me among the many who want change now in reducing meat eating through wise policies and good information.

Politicians, leaders, governments, don’t hesitate: go veg. Support vegetarianism and veganism in your country. Stop all meat eating. NASA tells us that the arctic ice may be gone by 2012. Studies show unfathomable amounts of methane will shortly after rise from permafrost and ocean beds into the atmosphere - sealing our fate for good. We need the veg diet, we need to plant trees. We need sustainable energy. Be a really powerful leader and brave pioneer of a healthy, happy world. Time to act."

Saturday, March 22, 2008

From Sai Inspires....

"Divinity is the same in everyone, be he/she a Hindu, a Muslim, a Sikh or a Christian. There is only one religion, the religion of love. There is only one caste, the caste of humanity. So develop unity, chant the Divine Name. What an exalted position will the country attain if all its people were to chant the Divine Name unitedly!...One who cultivates the crop of love in the field of one’ heart is a true Christian, a true Sikh, a true Hindu and a true Muslim."

- Divine Discourse, July 16, 2001.